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activities and crafts for kids 

Spark the magic of learning for your little one with this resource page which includes exciting STEM experiments, DIY crafts, and printables. 

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Here is an easy and kid-friendly 5 step slime experiment to try out at home or school.



Have fun learning how to make slime using just corn flour and water!!

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Christmas is right around the corner so it's time to get creative. Try out this fun craft.

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walking water experiment

Have you ever seen water walking?  Well, you just might after doing this colorful and exciting experiment. Watch, learn, and try it out at home. 

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baking soda and vinegar balloon blow up

Did you know that you can blow up a balloon using just baking soda and vinegar? Try it out at home today and see. 

Baloon Burst .png

bursting balloons using an orange peel

How do you pop up your used balloons? Here is a fun hack for you to try out. 

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lava lamp

In this fun craft, kids learn how to make a DIY Lava Lamp.  

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 color changing flowers

In this super cool science experiment, kids learn how water moves through plants and learn a cool fact called capillary action! 

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elephant Toothpaste experiment 

In this experiment, kids learn about chemical reactions. Watch, learn, and have fun trying it out. 

Blue Bottle .png

blue bottle experiment

It's blue when shaken, but transparent when it stands! Check out this exciting experiment known as the blue bottle experiment where colorless liquid turns blue.

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water and pepper trick 

The water and pepper experiment is a great way to demonstrate to  kids the importance of washing their hands.  Have fun trying it out today!

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HOW TO MAKE A doodle bot

Curious to learn how to make your very own robot? In this cool experiment, kids learn how to make  a scribbling robot using materials they can find at home.

Candle Vacuum  (2).png

how to make a glowing bouncy egg

This is an easy, fun science experiment that teaches kids how to make a glowing bouncy egg using just vinegar and raw eggs. 

coke nd mentos .png

coke and mentos experiment

The coke and mentos experiment is one of the most popular experiments ever.  Have fun trying it out at home. PS this experiment is messy!


refraction of light 

Is the arrow pointing left or right ? This simple experiment is a fun activity for your kids to do at home and learn about “refraction” also known as the bending of light. 

Potato Osmosis.png

potato osmosis

This simple at-home experiment teaches kids about a scientific process known as osmosis using potatoes. Watch, learn and have fun doing it out at home. ⁣

Candle Vacuum .png

candle vacuum

Make water defy gravity using this simple experiment. All you need for this experiment is some colored water, a candle and a glass.

Density Tower .png

liquid density tower 

 What makes objects float or sink? Here is an easy at-home science experiment, known as the rainbow density tower,  that will teach you why.